11 Books by Black Authors You Should Read in College

11 Books by Black Authors You Should Read in College

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Black History Month holds special significance in the United States. It’s an annual celebration in the month of February that honors the historic, artistic, intellectual, and cultural achievements made by African Americans.

The monthlong observance was first conceived by Black faculty and the Black United Students group at Kent State University in February 1969. Six years later, Black History Month became a national celebration, and many educational institutions and community centers hold commemorative events to recognize the momentous achievements of Black Americans.

This year’s Black History Month takes on a unique significance and calls for a continued understanding of not simply the personal and professional accomplishments of Black Americans, but also an acknowledgment of their ongoing strife and adversity.

As our country celebrates Kamala Harris, the first Black and Indian American vice president, we must also recognize the incredible amount of work left to do to ensure that Black and brown Americans have access to all social, political, and economic opportunities.

With publicized incidents of police brutality against Black men and women, and continued public displays of racism, Black History Month is a great opportunity to learn about the contributions of Black Americans and expand your understanding of issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

In that sense, it’s also critical to celebrate the literary contributions of Black authors. In honor of Black History Month this year, we’ve compiled a list of 11 notable books by Black authors.

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